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A platform to learn how to be aware of who you really are - to heal with higher consciousness and learn from your life journey ...to take responsibility in creating all of your own experiences ... and to provide and share insight knowledge and wisdom to live a joyful peaceful fulfilling abundance and successful life in love and gratitude in this lifetime ...

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Safer Wi5


Health Risks from Wireless Technology and Electrical Fields.

The debate worldwide is still continuing but independent scientists recommend taking precautions now ... hence Safer Wi5.

Prevention is Better than Cure !

Your health is at stake.

Your family’s health is at stake.


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Uncovered Treasures Jade Profile

In order for the new to come ... you have to release the past It is time to let go all emotional and physical baggage to live a light and simple life in detachment ...to create a space for new experiences and a true purposeful life now!

Beautiful antiques, jade jewelry, and crystals at bargain prices. Don't miss this opportunity. Find your favorite gift now before it has been sold.

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Spiritual 888 Rose Profile

To create and live a healthy happy harmonious life ... we must be in alignment with our mind body heart & spirit ... of who we are - and to be aware of what is happening in the world .. the universe .. the planetary and the cosmic movements ... that affects every aspects of our being in this lifetime ...hence I am sharing monthly insight to & re-connect our mind and heart and broaden our knowledge and wisdom in our life path...

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Earth Miracles Blossoms Profile

Create Miracles & Life beyond Happiness ... Man plans and God laughs ...it's time to let go and turn your life over to the care of Higher Power and ask for the miracles that set aside for you ...you can never lose when Spirit plays the game of life on your behalf ... miracles will manifest in Divine time ... life isn't a business to be managed it's a mystery to be lived ...remember what you see may not be real and what you don't see may be real ...

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Beautiful Antiques
Beautiful Antiques
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