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Lots of useful tips and information about both mobile and non-mobile Android devices.

A growing storehouse of information for anyone setting up a new or used mobile device.

Many projects demonstrating ways to get more from your Android device.

(Tags: Android, Apps, Mobile Devices, Technical, Projects, How To)

Possible ways of setting up a Small Office or Home Linux environment.

A growing base of information for anyone setting up a Linux environment.

Many tutorials and hands-on practical examples.

(Tags: Linux, Software, Computers, Technical, Tutorials, How To)

A great Hair and Beauty salon in a fantastic location.

THE Salon provides a wide range of grooming services ranging from hair, make-up, eyebrow shaping to nails and Bridal services. We are proud to house some of the most artistic hairstylists, manicurists and make-up artistes in town. United through its passion for hair, our team at THE Salon has received much acclaim for its distinctive styling and beautiful colors, not just on the catwalks but also when it count most - on the streets.

(Tags: Fashion, Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, Style)

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